We are proud to present the supplier partners that enabled our farm to table cuisine. We are grateful for their commitment and encourage you to support their efforts.

At The Red Oak Restaurant we say we source our ingredients “with a preference and priority to locally produced items using sustainable and organic methods, and humanely raised animals”. But what does that mean?

When we say locally we look for products produced within 100 miles of The Red Oak. Many of our locally sourced ingredients come from within 10 miles of the restaurant! Of course that doesn’t mean we are always able to do that and in some cases we have to go much farther. For example, we’ve made the decision to use lemons in some of our recipes and serve cod in our Fish Fry knowing we would have to source them from farther away.

We look for producers using sustainable and organic methods. We understand achieving the USDA Organic certification can take years and money that many of the small producers we work with don’t have. However they are committed to building healthy soil, plants and animals in a sustainable way that respects the land and we want to support their efforts even if they are not certified Organic.

We have chosen to offer meat and other animal products on our menu. We look for producers that are committed to the welfare and humane treatment of their animals. This includes, for example, methods to minimize stress and the use of antibiotics and allow animals to engage in their natural behaviors.

We give a preference and priority to the above criteria. When evaluating supplier partners we consider their proximity and methods. In practice this may require trade-offs between the criteria. For example, we source our chicken from Pennsylvania in order to get humanely raised birds in the volume a restaurant requires.


Anderson’s Maple Syrup EAU CLAIRE
Brightonwoods Orchard BRIGHTON
Meyer Family Farm SALEM
River Valley Ranch BURLINGTON
Tempel Farms Organics ILLINOIS
The Farmstead BURLINGTON
Thompson Strawberry Farm BRISTOL
V&K Beekeeping MUKWONAGO
Yellow Dog Farm PARIS

Wild Flour Bakery MILWAUKEE
Great River Organic Milling FOUNTAIN CITY

Glas All Naturals UNION GROVE
Highfield Farm and Creamery WALWORTH
Pierson Bison Farms PARIS
Pinn-Oak Ridge Farm DELAVAN
Rushing Waters PALMYRA
Sassy Cow Creamery COLUMBUS
Starry Nights Farm WHEATLAND
The Orchards Pasture Pigs ELKHORN
Wilson Farm Meats ELKHORN
Yuppie Hill Poultry BURLINGTON

Boom Brothers MILWAUKEE

45th Parallel Distillery NEW RICHMOND
Bell’s Brewery MICHIGAN
Capital Brewery MILWAUKEE
Central Standard Distillery MILWAUKEE
City Lights Brewing Co MILWAUKEE
Door County Distillery STURGEON BAY
Driftless Glen Distillery BARABOO
Gray’s Brewing Co JANESVILLE
Great Lakes Distillery MILWAUKEE
J. Henry & Sons Farms DANE
Lakefront Brewery MILWAUKEE
Leinenkugel’s CHIPPEWA FALLS
Milwaukee Brewing MILWAUKEE
Off Kilter Brewing ILLINOIS
Pecatonica Beer Co GRATIOT
Prairie Organic Spirits MINNESOTA
Public Craft Brewing Co KENOSHA
Raised Grain Brewing Co WAUKESHA
Revolution Brewing ILLINOIS
Tattersall Distillery MINNESOTA
Third Space Brewing Co MILWAUKEE
Three Sheep Brewing Co SHEBOYGEN
Titletown Brewing Co GREEN BAY
Twisted Path Distillery MILWAUKEE
Tyranena Brewing Co LAKE MILLS
Wisconsin Brewing Co VERONA
Wollersheim Winery PRAIRIE DU SAC