Red Oak News

  • Our Murder Mystery Dinner is 2 weeks away!! This time we will try and uncover who killed Tim O’Bannon. Tim’s bloody body was found in the trunk of his Cadillac, bludgeoned to death by a baseball bat. Who would ever do such a thing to such a prominent and well-liked guy? He was president of the local Little League no less! Who indeed? Join us March 11th as we discover who did it. Tickets on sale now through eventbrite or at the restaurant.

  • See Joe Diamond every Thursday!!


Welcome to The Red Oak Restaurant, where you can enjoy carefully prepared locally fresh and seasonal cuisine served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Firmly rooted in southeastern Wisconsin, The Red Oak celebrates the richness of the area by crafting dishes and cocktails from locally sourced produce and artisanal cheeses, beers and spirits.

We know the weeknights can be hectic and we’d like to help make Wednesday and Thursday a little easier, and sweeter! So we’ve put together a special menu at a special price for Wednesday and Thursday take-out, Gotta Run!