Career Opportunities at The Red Oak

Server Specialist

We’re hiring! The Red Oak Restaurant is looking for a waitstaff specialist to work part-time on the weekends. We are looking for Waitstaff to provide an outgoing and friendly experience to all our customers. A successful applicant should possess clear communication skills, ability to multitasking, and job professionalism.

What you’ll Bring to the Table:

Eagerness to engage the customer in a relationship by keeping an open communication
Focus on quality experience for customer retention purposes
Knowledge of product from perspective of customer
Help with appropriate recommendations
Provide superior customer service with all customer interactions
Being transparent with customers as well as setting the correct expectations

What we Value from you:

Ability to multitask
Able to listen and communicate effectively
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
Candidate is a self-starter, punctual, and hard-working


Applicants should be outgoing and excited to be around others. Waitstaff Specialists are expected to have rich knowledge of our product. Keeping customers informed of changes and being their voice. Significant knowledge of how the food taste and being able to describe the food as well as how the food is prepared generates a perfect dining experience. If you have experience, then this job is perfect for you! If not, we will provide paid training to get you there.

Apply By

Going onto our Facebook Page under Jobs.