Krista Roslof

My paintings are drawn from nature, inspired by it. In my work, I’ve reduced nature studies to pure moments. I am ever more attracted to the experience of being–the quality that transcends the organic to become the highest spiritual representation.

What I try to document is the magnification of distance—the play of natural light on foliage; keeping the image evocative, not instructive. I strive for harmony in every painting even when the subject is frenetically charged. The goal is always beauty represented through truth.

I focus on color and movement, and keep it spontaneous. I directly reference nature.
I’ve always been drawn to it as essential part of myself.

After studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I lived in the city for ten years. Then I moved to New York. After eight years maintaining a studio in Manhattan, I was left with a new appreciation of green. Now, residing in the Wisconsin countryside and seeing it daily, it is never taken for granted – it always surprises and inspires me.