About Us

About Us

The Red Oak Restaurant began with the idea of offering made from scratch items that showcase the richness of Wisconsin and its people. We soon realized to be a responsible member of the community it needed to be more than that. Which is why, in addition to terrific food and outstanding service, you can also expect more from us.

Living Wages for our Team

We are committed to paying above minimum wage for all positions and sharing the profits with all team members. Every job in a restaurant is important, yet there is a large and unfair disparity between those in the front and those in the back. Implementing a hospitality charge instead of traditional tipping, allows everyone to earn a living wage and be rewarded for the contribution and outstanding service they provide.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

There are hundreds of small farms, breweries, distilleries, and bakeries in Wisconsin. Where possible we source our ingredients with a preference and priority to locally produced items using sustainable and organic methods, and humanely raised animals.

Environmental Sustainability

Every year restaurants are responsible for 7 million tons of food waste ending up in landfills. Our goal is to achieve near zero percent landfill waste. In addition to a complete recycling program, we currently compost our vegetable kitchen scraps and send our fry oil to be converted to biodiesel.