Amy Lynn Ross

Amy grew up in Illinois and attended Carthage College. She works for Against the Grain Creative Concepts in Kenosha, is an avid vintage hunter and freelance designer. Amy lives in Kenosha with her boyfriend, Artist Jeff Baenen and their 3 rescue dogs, T-Bone, Fred and Ollie.

Amy’s work tells narrative stories and she incorporates many different kinds of media. Within these collages each piece has a specific story or feeling that Amy wanted to visually express. . .however your interpretation of them is totally your own.

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Susan M. Sorenson

Susan thinks of her mixed media abstractions as layers of intuitive thought, all about feelings, sounds and rhythms; spoken in the symbolic language of color, shape and the drawing mark.

Her process starts by layering color of different media on paper. Working into and a taking out; forming, shaping, making marks, collaging in bits of her poetry, printed material or torn pieces of previous work. Often working over the collage pieces as well.

This process allows for manipulation and surprises. The brain shifts that occurs takes Susan to another place while working. This is what she finds exciting in her endeavor to create art.

PHIL SAXON 262 994-7227

Phil Saxon’s artistic influences originate from the modernists and the early Expressionist’s painters of the 20th century. He has a wide range of interests in which he finds inspiration to create his paintings and drawings. These influences are taken from two-dimensional reproductions that include both historical and contemporary images. Mr. Saxon states, “My interest is in the emotional and human complexities within life and how to express through paint and paper my own personal experiences. As an artist it is important to trust my intuition when making artistic decisions as I create piece of artwork Believing that we all experience a common range of emotions in life, I attempt to convey, in abstract terms, these universal experiences.”